Bottero Sustainable

Bottero enhances sustainability and already recycles 60 tons per month

Bottero Group, one of the Brazil’s leather footwear manufacturers, counting with 14 industrial facilities in Rio Grande do Sul state, has decided to strengthen the sustainability. Thus, it has adopted a series of processes to improve the quality of its products, and – more than this – to minimize the environmental impact.

The set of actions has already resulted in the recycling of 60 tons of residues per month, which previously had turned into waste. With this total, the organization is near to achieve the 100% of reuse, within a process that comprehends the whole manufacturing park – from the cafeteria to the footwear manufacturing.

 “Waste” that becomes: insoles, fertilizers and even fuel.

Some partnerships are fundamental to the 60-tons recycling per month. One of them is the Ambiente Verde company,which results in the production of a sustainable insole. What was “waste” before becomes a new material, which in turn comes back to the manufacturing process as a new and qualified component.

Since the beginning of the partnership, four months ago, more than 8 tons of residues have already been recycled (which results an average of 2 tons per month). This way, up to now, Bottero has used 7.6 thousand square meters of this new component of insole form.

An important part of the company residues (46 tons/month) is transformed in not less than fuel. This process is available by the Proamb Foundation, which sends this new product to be used in the cement kilns. The generated ashes are totally incorporated to the cement.

Besides these, one part of the Bottero Group residues is also sent to the Ilsa company that transforms approximately 12-tons leather residues in fertilizers every month. The partnership is getting to its two years in November.

Thus, sustainability is nowadays a priority for the Bottero Group. In addition to the correct classification of the residues, the company mantains itself focused on the waste reduction. “Only this year, for example, we have already saved more thant 3 thousand meters of leather, due to the new cutting system and collaborator training”, states Luiz André Simon, industrial CEO.

“These are strong actions, with social and productive awareness, which are already institutionalized in the company, and that rebound in the environment and in benefit of the society as a whole”, explains Luiz Roberto Bianchi, responsible for the institutional image of the Bottero Group.

About Bottero – With 14 industrial facilities in six factory units located in Rio Grande do Sul state and 2.3 thousand direct employments, the Bottero Group – producer of the Verofatto and Bottero brands – appears in the ranking of Brazil’s largest producers of leather footwear. Located in Parobé (Rio Grande do Sul state), the company manufactures 20 thousand pairs per day. They are two brands focused in the female market – Bottero and Verofatto – and they are present in more than 5 thousand sales points in Brazil. It has also a long tradition in exports and it is already present in 37 countries in the three Americas, Africa, Europe and Middle East.